Body Treatments
Rejuvenating body care for detox, slimming down, and smoothing out those curves! 
Brazilian Detox Clay Wrap
$125 wrap, 3 or more $100 each
This is our signature wrap, raved about on Yelp! We start with clay and blend seaweed, minerals, chamomile flowers, with Kotu Kola, and a custom blend of aromatherapy to pull out toxins, unclog skin pores and stimulate the lymphatic system to nourish and detox your skin. Once the wrap is applied you are wrapped up and can really speed things up by adding the infrared detox blanket to crank up the healing powers of this amazing wrap!
Infrared Body Wrap
$125 wrap
There are many benefits associated with far infrared heat therapy. This therapy targets areas of the body such as your thighs for slimming and cellulite reduction, abdomen and hip areas for slimming and fat loss, and arms for slimming and fat loss as well. The cumulative effect of having all of these treatment pads on at the same time is very beneficial. Other benefits of far infrared heat therapy include: *Cellulite Reduction, Burns Calories, up to 1400 in an hour, Increases Metabolism, Body Contouring and Fat Loss
Skin Firming Body Wrap
$125 per wrap
Cryotherapy Body wrap is a cleansing and skin beautifying body treatment that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and loose skin. Benefits include: skin firming, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, slimming, moisturizing, stimulates metabolism, circulation, improved skin appearance.
Cellulite Buster Targeted Area Wrap
$30 add on to a wrap, or by itself!
Bust away the appearance of cellulite! This targeted wrap is a client favorite to reduce the nasty cellulite. This blend is prepared daily with essential oils caffeine. This blend is applied to cellulite prone areas in a vigorous circular manner, the the wrap is applied over it. Helps with smooth scars and stretch marks.
Mid Section Targeted Wrap
$65 per area
Sometimes you need an extra boost to achieve the desired inch loss in the abdominal area. This target wrap is the answer. We can add this to any body wrap, we use an proprietary blend of minerals to target stubborn abdominal fat, and fluids.
Cellulite Therapy
$89 per session, per area. 6 sessions $369
Our procedure is based on a mixture of three techniques recognized and proven for benefits in the anesthetics field. Deep massage, negative pressure and RF therapy when carried out, improves lymphatic flow, improvement of the contour of the skin, break down of stubborn fat deposits, and skin tightening. This technique is recognized world wide for its cellulite improvement.
Foot Detox Bath
$30/3 sessions $65
An ionic foot detox machine is a modern energy therapy device which balances the body's natural energy system. By introducing a high level of negative ions into the water of a foot bath, the feet, utilizing principles of reflexology and the science of ionization and osmosis, create a positive cellular environment and enable the body's natural detoxification processes to function at their peak. An ionic foot detox is the safest, most modern and effective natural healing therapy on the market today!
RF Skin tightening
Price by area and number of treatments. 
Rf is a procedure which uses radio frequency energy device to heat up and tighten tissue, boost blood flow, break down fat, and LED to stimulate healing and renewal. This improves skin tone and elastically. RF can be used to break down cellulite, treat loose and sagging skin on arms, thighs, buttocks, chin and stomach. Loose skin caused by pregnancy, weight loss and aging can be improved by RF.
Lipo Cavitation
Varies by area, and number of treatments. Contact our office for complimentary consultation. Areas include: Lower or upper stomach, love handles, back bra fat, arms, inner or outer thighs, and front or back thighs 

Lipo-Cavitation is the new revolutionary procedure which is taking people to a new level, offering outstanding slimming results and the ability to look slimmer in weeks.  This latest innovation is designed to give people great results without surgery. Cavitation dissolves fat cells and gives slimming results immediately and will continue as weeks follow. This is a non-invasive, non-medical procedure, which has no down time. 

Ear Candling
$30 per treatment
An ancient process with its origins in the far east, this alternative treatment gently removes excess ear wax and relieves nasal and head congestion. Candles are made from organic Bees Wax and Linen soaked and treated with herbs and essential oils
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